Moving forward with Strength

Wednesday 22nd November marked a significant day in history for our friends in Bosnia. It was announced on the news that Ratko Mladic, the ex Bosnian Serb wartime Commander, was jailed for life on Read More

How Life Can Go On

It’s an important day today.  A time for reflection, of respect, care and hope for the future. I’ve just returned home from a commemoration of the Holocaust. There were teachers and students from Read More

Non-chemical interventions for PTSD

It’s interesting how things don’t always turn out the way you think they will. We are in Bristol and came here to attend the Colston Research PTSD Symposium.  We wanted to find out more about current Read More

When Looking at the Past is Too Much

I’ve supported many people on their journey over the past eight years, most of whom were able to leave behind bothersome and often distressing memories by using energy psychologies. Indeed, if it were Read More