Returning to Bosnia 10 – Bringing it all together

We didn’t intend to  have a break from sharing our video blogs, but we have been having trouble uploading.

This combined with the intensity of the group work had meant that we have been saving photos and videos for you.

It was our last day yesterday and we completed the first phase of our programme to introduce emotional self management tools.  This day was about putting all the tools together and using them in a way that goes beyond bringing the body back into a state of calm and safety and into choice.  This combination of techniques may also be used to uplift mood and increase energy and it was wonderful to see everyone laughing and even dancing together.

It’s been such an amazing experience that we were both feeling emotional at the thought of leaving our Bosnian friends but remained calm until someone asked how we felt about leaving. They want us to “tell everyone the truth about Bosnian people, not what they write”.  We hope that our videos will give a little insight into people who have been through so much and yet remain strong, resilient and with great dignity.  They are us.

They want us to return and the next phase of the programme is to train local people to facilitate groups. There are already four people who want to be a part of this training programme. We look forward to our return to Sarajevo.