Returning to Bosnia 6 – Why are we here in Bosnia?

We very nearly didn’t make this video as once we began to laugh, we could not stop.

Laughing in good and a excellent tool for stress relief. The amazing resilient people of Bosnia have taught us so much in our time here, their strength, their dignity, and most of all their sense of humour.

Over all we will see 8 groups in the two weeks that we are here and we will see them 3 times. The first time we teach them why they feel they way they do and give them a breathing technique developed by the HeartMath Instituted that changes the Heart Rate Variability and uses the hearts electromagnetic field to regulate the brain and the body and in doing so also regulates the thoughts and emotions. This does more than takes the body out of fight/flight ‘sympathetic’ into rest and repair ‘parasympathetic’, it gets both of these states regulated and working together and brings a feeling of ‘connected’ and ‘state of flow’.

In the next session we extend this in to our own special Heart Focused Tapping. This is a special tapping technique that does not associate the tapper with the thoughts and feelings of the original event, it maintains a state of flow whilst the issue is tapped on making for a safer, deeper and more systemic change.

The next session we will teach tools that will energise and lift the clients, adding to their armoury of day to day coping skills, but more than that, it will be a tool to give them choice to bring more inner peace and joy.

During the evening I watched a video documentary about the war here and it was a stark and difficult reality, difficult to comprehend. However it was a good overview of the situation and a timely reminder of why we are here even 20 years later. If you would like to watch this you can click the link below.

‘Til next time, Sam and Caroline



Link to the 2012 news documentary