Returning to Bosnia 1 – Arriving and Settling In

Welcome to our first blog in our diary series of writings and videos from Bosnia.

Isn’t it strange how a country where you have only spent brief times can feel so ‘home’. That’s how both Sam and I felt on arrival in Sarajevo. It’s good to be back. It wasn’t certain that Sam would make it after a short nap almost led to her missing a connecting flight and her first minutes in Sarajevo found her locked in the toilets!

Work here for us begins on Sunday, and so a trip to Bascarija, the old town, was a welcome release after a day’s travelling. Bascarija was a-buzz with tourists from all parts of Europe though few from the UK. It’s a beautiful and historic area with narrow streets, small shops, places to eat and buy a Bosnian coffee and small tables where local men sit and while away time with a game of chess.

The area wasn’t safe during the 1992-95 war and whilst we are enjoying this cultural centre of the city, the reason we are here is never far away. When you follow your heart and do what you know is right, then you are ‘home’. Yes, it’s good to be back.

Here is a short welcome video from the restaurant we like “To Be, To Be”. We enjoyed a lovely platter of grilled vegetables and a glass of Sarajevo Beer.

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