Returning to Bosnia 3 – Sarajevo Centre

What a moving first day with some amazing and inspiring people. Our two groups today were all women.  They experienced unimaginable trauma during the war and live with the memories and physical results of their experiences. They are amazing survivors and we have been struck by their great sense of humour. Its humbling to be so well and warmly received by them.  They are also our teachers and its humbling to be among people whose sense of humour, understanding and care show a remarkable strength.

You’ll see in the video that we are sitting close by the bridge where the Emperor Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, leading to the start of the first world war. Across the road from the bridge is a museum where you can see an exhibition explaining the story.  It was tempting to tag on to a group of tourists standing outside the museum as they listened to their tour guide talk about the history of the event but there are so many lovely things to see in Bascarija that we moved on.

You’ll see in the video there is a mention of food, this time associated with the colour purple. You may be surprised at a local use for fish……………

‘Til next time, Caroline and Sam


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