Returning to Bosnia 5 – Tapping and Chamber Music

What an interesting day. It was our second sessions in Sarajevo with two groups of amazing women. They had been practicing the breathing and it was heartening to hear their feedback. Sleep is a problem for many people here but one lady said, after using the breathing, she slept for 12 hours! Others remarked on how much calmer they felt and some that pain had reduced or even gone/ All were keen to learn more.

We’ve developed a deeply safe systemic tapping technique, Heart Focused Tapping, which we introduced to the groups today. They noticed very big changes in just one round of tapping and seemed confident to continue using the technique at home. Some took extra copies of instructions to share with family and friends.

Bosnia is moving forward and a number of festivals are held in Sarajevo. On the flight here, Sam found herself sitting next to the cellist from the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra who was travelling to play in the Sarajevo music festival. We hadn’t reserved tickets but made our way there this evening and stood at the back with all the other late comers. After a short while a young person approached us asking if we would like a seat (obviously taking pity on the old white-haired lady). She led us down through the grand hall to two seats right in the front row! The music was amazing and included something a bit special and unusual to our British ears. A surprising and very lovely end to a special day.

‘Til next time Caroline and Sam.

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