Returning to Bosnia 8 – Outreach in Illidža

A little late blog,  but we thought you’d like to know about how things went yesterday at the other outreach centre.

It was our first visit at Illidža which is close to Sarajevo Airport. – a little disconcerting when planes come in to land. Ten lovely ladies arrived for the morning group and joined us sitting in the sun as we waited… and waited for someone to arrive with a key to get in. So, a late start but a wonderful group who very appreciative that we showed our respect for their strength we admire..  As with all the groups, they were easily able to use heart focused breathing to calm both body and mind. 

We’ve found that many people here are very skilled craftsmen and Sam bought a beautiful handmade crochet top from one of our clients.  We’ll be sharing more about this lady and something special she has made in the near future.

We love the women’s groups but it was also good to see two men join in the afternoon.  It seems that the men generally sit quietly to begin with but, once they understand that the way they feel is how their bodies are designed to react to stress, there is a lovely moment when they open up and begin to share more.  Its always a special moment when they first laugh and joke with everyone else in the group. 

It is a bonding experience for us as well as them and we find ourselves ever closer to these wonderful people.

‘Til next time, Caroline and Sami