Returning to Bosnia 9 – Stages 1 & 2 Complete

You never know who’s going to arrive in groups here and, for a moment we had wondered if one lady is one of sextuplets. It turns out she is so eager to learn and use the techniques she has come to almost all of the group sessions. We’re very pleased that she has asked to train with us so she will be able to facilitate groups in her own community. Training is an important part of our stress to strength community programme and it’s lovely to see a few people already wanting to take part.

First though we are introducing the techniques to all and yesterday and today we were in Sarajevo and Illidža for part two of the programme when we introduced heart focused tapping. Despite being in a lot of physical discomfort and under huge stress, there was fun and laughter among all groups. We are in admiration of their resilience and continue to learn from them as well as give. This afternoon we were even introduced to Bosnian folk dancing!

Last night was a bit special, along with the two therapists volunteering with Healing Hands Network, we went to a concert at the National Museum of Bosnia & Herzegovina. It was the final performance of the Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival, this time with a difference, and the audience was led around the museum to hear young musicians play music composed by various artists. The event was staged in support of the initiative to reopen the museum. It was very moving.

Its getting late and so time for us to get some sleep before another busy day.

‘Til next time, Caroline and Sami.


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