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We know, like us, you would like Communities everywhere to live in peace and wellness. With your help we can work with communities that have experienced the stresses of war or disaster and train local people to enable their own families, communities and villages to build wellness, strength and peace.

Together we can help build resilient thriving communities so that, even if they experience further trauma and hardship, they will be more able to grow from stress to strength.

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Mahira quietly explained how she had been in intense pain since what had happened ‘that day’while under house arrest during the war in Bosnia. Mahira was in so much pain that she was unable to sit on a chair and spent the first group session on the floor leaning her back against the wall for support. On day two Mahira remained comfortably on a chair all morning and by the middle of the second week she was smiling, relaxed and said the pain had gone and that she, “Would like to send love to the people who did these things because, if we send love, then maybe they won’t do those things any more”.

(We worked with Mahira in 2014. She is a client of Healing Hands Network and had survived a concentration camp and house arrest during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia)

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